TSA's Services
  • Computer voice messages auto deliverary service.
  • Computerized raw cotton examination, AFIS Neps testing, and UT3 yarn uniform testing.
  • Daily cotton spinner info, weekly business news, daily news.
  • Cotton spinner related import and export statistics.
  • Members technology assistence and consulting.
    technology conference, raw cotton quality, and market analysis conference.
  • Material resource investigation, and assisting buyer legal issue.
  • Protecting members legal rights.
  • Delivering government updated law and policies changes to members on time.
  • Report members' suggestions to government.
  • Assisting members to apply for foreign workers.
  • Promoting technology exchanges.
  • Investigating members sales condition, and product show. 
  • Members and member representatives basic database and activities investigation.
  • Members liscence application, change, renew, and notification of members info.
  • Assisting and sponsoring members charity events and other events.