Organizational Structure

The member's general meeting formed by 230 representatives from 80 members elects directors and supervisors to form the board of directors and the board of supervisors. The board of directors has 27 directors, including 9 managing directors, and the chairperson of the TSA is elected by the directors from among the managing directors. The board of supervisors has 9 supervisors, including 3 managing supervisors, and a convener is elected from amongst the managing supervisors. Both boards are re-elected once every 3 years. Under the board of directors there is an operations department and a technical advisory board.

The secretary general is responsible for the TSA's. Under the secretary general there is a business section, a general affairs section and a financial section to help the secretary general to handle TSA affairs. A full-time executive secretary and a laboratory are established under the technical advisory board to reinforce member services.