Chairman of the Board
of Director Council

Solomon Wang

Welcome to our web site.

To catch up with internet fast growing trend, and to face future global digitalism and speed, fast interation will become the survival rule of this market. And the key of being successful is to quickly aquire and deliver information.

Therefore, our association established Taiwan Spinner's Association web site to provide instant and electronic information. To assist our members completely following the market change and to raise production competition ability by internet services.

Taiwan Spinner's Association web site concludes eddited important cotton business information, cotton spinner's related update event news and policies, to provide basic information for cotton spinner's member companies. Another specialty of this web site is the hiring section. A specialist in cotton spinner business, can apply through this web site to become one of the member in our resume database.

I hope the information provided in this site is helpful to you. If you have opinions or need any assistance, please email us. We will do our best to serve you.